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Żuławska Kolej Dojazdowa

A new site for a tourist narrow gauge railway in the Żuławy region, Poland. The goal of this project was to create a site that will provide all useful information for tourists considering visiting the railway in a simple and visually appealing way.

The visual style of the site is generally simple, but has a twist thanks to the typography, use of various backgrounds and different page layouts.

The railway’s clients are mobile, so had to be the site and that implied responsive design. I also used many large photos to show the highlights of the railway and its surroundings. To increase site’s usefulness (and conversion rate) I convinced the client to place information not only about the railway itself, but also about some tourist attractions placed near the railway. All the basic information is also presented on an interactive map to give the user information bound to certain locations and make trip planning easier.

The site was hand coded by Michał Pawełczyk

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Home page


News page with comment form

Interactive map with markers associated with stations and tourist attractions

How the site looks on different devices


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