Anna Pawełczyk, webdesigner –  portfolio


Hello, my name is Anna Pawełczyk, I’m a web designer based in Poznań, Poland. I’ve been designing trendy, good-looking and effective websites for 7 years, which can be considered quite long in such fast changing industry as web design. I worked both as a freelancer and an in-house designer.

While designing a website, I focus on the user and design with the client’s needs always in mind, to make the final product user-friendly and thus effective. The form must follow the function.In terms of appearance I pay a lot of attention to typography, and legibility as these are the factors that can either make or break the whole design and the business that’s behind it. I move freely through many different kinds of aesthetics including clean and flat design as well as the retro or grunge style.
My clients and co-workers appreciate my positive attitude to work and… well organized PSD files with layers named and grouped logically. As a graphic designer I cooperate closely with other web specialists including Michał Pawełczyk, my favourite web developer specializing (mostly, but not only) in responsive sites and WordPress themes.